KTA Northwest Taekwondo
Master Donald Cottee 7th Dan


1. Be cheerful, kind and show a good attitude at all times.
2. Do not have a full meal or alcohol prior to class.
3. Remove your shoes before entering the Do Jang (gym). For safety, remove all jewelry.
4. All students are responsible for their own personal property. All personal items must be taken home each day. All valuables should be lift at home. KTA will not be responsible for lost items.
5. Always wear a clean, presentable Do Bok (uniform) during class.
6. Out of courtesy and respect, bow to the National flags when entering and leaving the Do Jang.  Hats and sunglasses should be removed before entering the building.
7. Be on time for class. Arrive at lest 10 minutes prior to the start of the practice period so you have time to mentally prepare for class.
8. Do not waste your time. Warm up, stretch and practice your techniques.
9. Always treat the Do Jang and all training equipment with respect. Place all equipment in its proper place after using it.
10. Never smoke, eat or chew gum in the Do Jang.
11. Obscene language, arguing or signs of poor self-control will not be permitted.
12. Out of courtesy, if your belt needs to be retied or your Do Bok straightened, face away from the flags and you Instructor.
13. Bow to all Black Belt Instructors and Seniors out of respect and to exchange greetings.
14. Do not free spar without the permission of an Instructor.
15. When standing, stand up straight. When sitting, do so with your legs crossed. Never lean or rest against the wall or other objects in the Do Jang.
16. When called by the Instructor, always respond immediately with "Yes Sir!" or "Yes, Ma'am!".
17. Line up right to left, by rank and seniority.
18. Lower belts are to respect higher belts and should never command higher belts.
19. Children are not to command adults, regardless of rank.
20. Higher belts are to assist, show concern for and set a good example for lower belts.
21. Do not depend on the Instructor to be with you at all times. Sometimes you will need to practice on your own. If needed, seek assistance from senior students.
22. Avoid prolonged breaks during class. If you must leave, ask the Instructor for permission to be excused unless it is an emergency.
23. Make your Instructor aware if you had to use your knowledge and skills of Taekwondo outside the Do Jang and notify your Instructor before you plan to use Taekwondo in any demonstrations.
24. The misuse of Taekwondo or the creation of a bad personal reputation within the neighborhood or community by a KTA student may cause that student to be suspended or expelled from KTA.
25. Attempt to achieve Taekwondo qualities of concentration, modesty, perseverance, self-control, respect and patience.


ATTENDANCE: It is recommended that students attend class two to three times per week in order to benefit the most from their training. If you will be gone longer than one week, please call or let us know.
PATCHES: Patches are available for sale at any time at KTA. These include the KTA patch, KOREAN FLAG patch and USA FLAG patch. Students are required to have these patches sewn on their uniform in order to take promotion test.
EQUIPMENT: For your own safety and to fully benefit from Taekwondo training, students are required to have sparring equipment after their introductory lessons. See your instructor to find out when you should pick up your sparring package.
PROMOTION TESTS: KTA will conduct promotion tests six times per year (Black Belt tests are three times per year). Grandmaster Yoon, 9th Degree Black Belt conducts all testing. There are test fees which include test materials, certificates, new belts and other expenses.
REFERRALS: More than 80% of KTA's new enrollment has been due to students' and their family's referrals. We would like to thank and encourage students who continue to refer new students to KTA!
REPORT CARDS: Students, grades 12 and under, are requested to bring their report cards in for review by their Instructor. Our goal is to see all students do their very best in school. We recognize outstanding academic achievement and help all students set higher goals for themselves. As educators, we feel our young students' education is a #1 priority.